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Hello everyone walking to the high class so in this models we are learning some interesting ways to express yourself through interjection words were you express your emotion but in this, Welcome to Escort Service in Bowenpally you are going to learn in a special way through a conversation between me your tutor for the days Priya Escorts in Bowenpally and my friend you need some sexual attachment there you get gorgeous ladies so call Priya Escorts in Bowenpally guess what tell me what is it you want something good fast, I get full scholarship to Howard what are some great know that, I got a promotion at work that situation now let me tell you that part fired from Bowenpally Escorts Agency today, so I am so sorry to hear that how ja you cannot have instead of your profile picture what did you read my profile Hyderabad Escorts get her is with physical satisfaction weekend and currency opportunity, I'm sure your jealous in your dreams sound card for straight up today why is that so are you going to hear my side of the story to find out why I am so frustrated you know what happened, I was talking to Jesse my colleague at work this morning and I was actually coming about my parcel saying what it's slave driver here and suddenly. I heard the song I heard his hand when, I'm gone and I knew that it was him if you go and me for sure you like to many ways, I'm getting another call can I call you back yaar in the Bowenpally Escorts serve you great sexual and erotica service.

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To find out what is erotica enjoyment and Priya Escorts in Bowenpally talk about what why all these words that you have a like a Wow so the first one wow so just one hour is enough let's talk about the good part first so what she's going to do it is with that monotone she is feeling when you use the word in a monotone on a flat told you are trying to think something you are trying to think for an answer pink for an answer what's the next one scholarship how old is in that amazing I am excited about you I look happy yes you can use the word to express happiness and joy probably sad that because Hyderabad Escorts lost his job it's very sad.

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I said he lost his job which means you can use the same word to express Joy also to express sadness and come back to learn more interjection, I got my shoulder pain full at the next interjection That I Used of course I'm quite silly and when I am talking over the phone, I got a Bowenpally Escorts and I said I got a shoulder cramp so the word up here I used it to express a mistake, so if you add a mistake if you dropped a glass of water in silver glass of water you say Call Girls in Bowenpally what a glass of water through the glass of water you say but I still the water which means that you made a mistake make a mistake, it's my mistake erotica enjoyment responded what is the way you can take somebody made a mistake if you buy some what you don't have to say Hyderabad Escort what's the conversation and then we are going to find out the meaning for these interjection how evil Dead rat, I just hate them introduction on the word when did I say that.

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When I saw a dead rat under the table injection is used to express Bowenpally Escorts that it is I was just irritated to see that you use expression eat or you to stress discussed, I hate Ram that's exactly what erotica enjoyment said she is dead rat matter and used to express that is your hatred towards something thanks for hatred no offence to those people who love rap but some really don't like them houses that is used to say what I have an hour if the same expression but with a different phone so here we are using the expression to express that we're thinking but here we have used the Hyderabad Escort Model same expression to say that we had something can you say you are in different ways what I could just found the lost key that you were looking for I just found it so whenever you, find something suddenly or maybe you will find to solve math problems you were not able to find the perfect Escorts Services to you would find to solve a math problem in you were not able to find the answer for a long time, suddenly understand the question you be like I got it see you can use expression to its first your surprise when you suddenly find something when you find something suddenly find out what else did erotica enjoyment and Priya Escorts in Bowenpally talk about the brain cancer pictures on Facebook no that's great you cannot have a video instead of your profile picture is my profile you can and currency opportunity, I am sure your jealous conversation for the game started talking about Escorts in Bowenpally and show your interested in that topic is well, I am erotica enjoyment me the way this statement to Priya Escorts in Bowenpally she told her that these days you can post pictures on Facebook who doesn't know that we all know that we all can post pictures on Facebook when we're doing it for ages now, I'm sure you do it like more than once a day so the word is what, I responded to her every statement this is a response to an overstatement where everyone knows the answer so she told me do you know we can post pictures on pics on Facebook and said the we all know that situation office you are here nearest speakers use this expression and when they say.

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It you must understand that you said something very obvious with everyone knows about that look at the next one would you do that you really don't care so my friend told me that how does a new feature on Facebook where you can post a video for your profile on Facebook users, I said I really don't care on top of everything Hyderabad Escorts Service that I was bragging about his new profile picture with Tom Cruise with you think it matters to me not at home when someone what do you think it matters to me not at all so when someone is bragging or trying to show the device period you could respond Escorts Service in Bowenpally which means I don't care it doesn't matter to me it doesn't matter what's the rest of the conversation to learn the remaining interjection well yesterday why you got here my side of the story to find out why I am so frustrated you know what happened I was talking to Jesse my colleague at work this morning.

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I was actually talking about my Escort Agency in Bowenpally, I was saying what is slave driver here and suddenly I heard the song I heard is gone and I knew that it was him that stupid of you oK call can I call you back look at the percentage action on the bed young Call Girls now you heard why. I was so frustrated so my family back on told me that me or Priya Escorts in Bowenpally you look really frustrated today and I told you that you need to hear my side of the story and you know I did something very sorry, I was talking about my boss and I had no idea that he could be listening to me and I while I was talking to my friend at work just Escorts in Hyderabad I was saying that my boss is a Slave driver I heard a voice in the background saying what are the sound called is called me which is to draw someone's attention I was telling the story with erotica enjoyment and she said to that was stupid so whenever you do a stupid activity you could respond to it with the stupid for something stupid and I am really hopeless and worried that I could lose my job so my hopelessness is expressed with girl. I think I'm going to lose my job so you use this expression when you are feeling hopeless in you feel that nothing can be done if you're looking for a job in your not able to find one you could say I think. I'll never find it ok Escorts Service in Bowenpally to eat in response to the story that I share with erotica enjoyment she told me why are you never like your boss anyways so its ok even if you lose the job but her expression make me feel that she is not too concerned for the word by means whatever high Class call Girls expressions that you can use the day have different meaning so be careful usage and the moral of the story is erotica enjoyment is not such a great friend too she really doesn't care about you I hope this one for you please come back.

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